Best Brooklyn Jewelers (Diamond Stores)

Buying diamond jewelry in NYC is not for the faint of heart.  There are over 5000 jewelers in this great city, and their offering varies from amazing to atrocious. Some offer rare works of pure artistry that call to the soul and capture the heart, others offer trinkets that are barely made of diamonds and gold and belong on a pawn shop store’s back shelf, not in the display case of a fine jewelry establishment. So, what’s a shopper to do if they want to find a high-quality diamond merchant in Brooklyn? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Jewelers.NYC is the preeminent guide to the NYC Jewelry trade. We do the research so that you can spend more time with the jeweler and less with the analysis. Here are your options, as we see them…

First, understand that buying diamonds in New York means you, at the very least, need to tip your hat to the New York Diamond District. This one block strip on 47th Street, commonly called Jewelers’ Row, has 24 billion dollars’ worth of diamonds flowing through its doors every year. This is about the same revenue number as the McDonald’s Corporation. 90% of the United States diamond market enters and exits this street. In other words, the diamond in your spouse’s, mom’s, sister’s, aunt’s or cousin’s engagement ring probably originated on 47th Street, then found its way to the store in Dubuque, Iowa; Chattanooga, Tennessee, or wherever it was ultimately purchased. With that in mind, if you are so inclined, we recommend that you go to Manhattan and visit one of the stores on this modest (looking) little street. If this is of interest to you, please stop reading right now and instead read our Top 10 Jewelers of the Diamond District, NYC article. Every year we rate and rank the Diamond District NYC’s jewelers based on the same criteria that we use in this article.  So, if you hop on the number 4 or 5 train into Grand Central, you’ll end up just a few short blocks away from the diamond industry’s mecca, the New York Diamond District…

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If a trip to 47th Street is not in your future, we completely understand. Read on because we have done the hard work for you for more local Brooklyn Jewelers.

Your financial safety is our number one priority.

Before we get to quality, selection, service, return policies, etc. we wanted to parse out the “bad operators.” Our methodology below addressed just that.

Our Methodology – Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. First, we looked for any obvious reputational issues in our files. As the name implies, Jewelers.NYC has a lot of information on NYC Jewelers. If there were any potential ethical issues, complaints, misinformation, etcetera, the jeweler was immediately removed from consideration. This cut the list by over 55% – YIKES!
  2. Next, we looked for signs of greatness through social media and store ranking information. If they didn’t get props from YELP, Facebook, Google+ etc., they were re-reviewed, just in case. Finally, they needed…
  3. …an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This last screen was important, but also the last screen not the first. The reason is that we believe in culling and culling again. If we went straight to the BBB rating we might have missed something.

Then, we addressed what you care about: selection and quality. If they did not have a great diamond offering they were culled. If they only sold watches, necklaces, etc. they were culled. The bottom line was that a great BBB rating was nice (and necessary), but to get to this last stage we needed to see a broad range of world class, high quality diamond inventory.

This culled the list from 900+ down to three. That is a lot of culling. This means this group represents the top 1/2% of the Brooklyn diamond jewelry trade. So, without further ado, please find Jewelers.NYC’s Top 3 Brooklyn Diamond Jewelry Stores, 2017.

#1 Facets Fine Jewelry

(718) 638-3898

97A 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215-7076

Returns: 15 Days

Better Business Bureau Rating A+

YELP: 173 (Avg 4.5)

Facebook Likes: 9860

Facets takes our #1 spot among Brooklyn diamond jewelry stores, and for good reason. Many Jewelers in NYC try to be a jack of all trades, but what ends up happening is that they are not great at anything. Facets Fine Jewelry, as the name implies, is a specialist in diamonds first and foremost. Engagement rings, eternity bands, wedding bands, and estate jewelry is what this store specializes in.

#2 HengeStone Gallery

(718) 859-5522

1160 Ocean Ave Su. 4A
Brooklyn, NY 11230-1908

Returns: Not listed

Better Business Bureau Rating A+

Facebook Likes: 2512

HengeStone Gallery specializes in diamond engagement rings and related offerings. This Brooklyn Jeweler also offer watches and collectibles, but their main focus is on high quality diamond jewelry.

#3 Sylvia’s Antique Jewelry

(800) 969-6930

1644 E 14th St Fl 2
Brooklyn, NY 11229-1104

Returns: 30 Days

Better Business Bureau Rating A+

If you seek antique or vintage jewelry, Sylvia’s is probably the place for you. This is one of the only Brooklyn Jewelers that specializes in fine offerings from a different era. Want a diamond engagement ring reminiscent of the roaring 20’s? Sylvia’s probably has it. Looking for a “turn of the century” necklace? Do you like 18th century french, Victorian, Edwardian or Regency period designs? This is probably the place in Brooklyn for you to go.

So, there you have it – above are those stores that deserve a phone call from you. Please note that these Brooklyn jewelry stores were so tightly grouped that on another day, and with slightly different weighting, the order may have been different. This means that you need to talk to all of them to see if they are a fit. Also remember to do your due diligence, ask for referrals, understand the store’s return policy and make sure you know your 4Cs (read the education information in our footer on color, cut clarity and carat weight).

One last recommendation. Read our online diamond store review. Here you will find the best of the best in the online diamond world. Buying diamonds online can save you as much as 40% off of diamond store prices. If you don’t want to read the full review, go right to the winner, James Allen, to compare prices before you go diamond shopping. To that end, we have a one click option for you to gather prices using diamonds that possess the most popular Cs of color, cut and clarity. All you need to do is click “carat weight” and you will immediately be taken to the online stores inventory and pricing.

Know The Wholesale Diamond Price Before You Go. Visit:

JAMES ALLEN – Jewelers.NYC’s Online Discount Diamond Store of the Year – 2017 (~40% off)
Most Popular: Round>GIA>Ideal Cut>VS2 Clarity> G ColorOne Click – 3D

1/2 Carat | 3/4 Carat 1 Carat | 1-1/2 Carat | 2 Carat | 2-1/2 Carat | 3 Carat

With the wholesale price in hand and a bit of research completed, you are good to go. When you head to these stores, make sure you tell the Jewelers.NYC sent you. They’ll know who we are :), we’ve sent them a lot of referral traffic these Brooklyn Jewelers over time.

Have fun diamond shopping and send me an email and let me know how it went.


Disclosure: Jewelers.NYC receives no compensation from the stores listed above or in our Top 10 Jewelers of the Diamond District NYC review.