Book Cover 3D - SmallWhy 35 minutes?

“If you can read, you can buy a great diamond online”

In matters of dating and marriage, there used to be three rules of thumb that you could absolutely count on: you’d never marry a person to whom you were not personally introduced; the man would always pay for everything, and the engagement ring was always purchased from a jeweler who was both a family referral and an “expert” in such matters.

A lot has changed since “back in the day.” According to, 120,000 marriages a year are a direct result of online dating, couples are regularly sharing expenses, and buying diamonds online has become almost as normal as buying a best seller from

Why is this? Because if you can read, you have all it takes to get a great diamond online. Once you know a few basic concepts, each of which is contained in the eBook, standardization of information has made online diamond buying as easy as reading a one page diamond certificate – a document which all reputable jewelers, “online or on foot,” provide potential buyers before the sale.

Paging Dr Dell, Please Come to the Internet

While the concept of buying a diamond online may seem a little foreign at first, buying big ticket items over the internet has been around since Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer, first started building custom computers for online customers back in 1996. The customer would go on to the Dell website, select half a dozen different options, and the machine would be on his/her front doorstep a few days later – perfect virtually every time. The customer didn’t need to be technically skilled in programming, software or computer hardware – all he needed was a basic understanding of the options and he’d marry those up with what he wanted his machine to do, voila!

We’ll use the Dell Computer analogy a lot in the eBook because the online diamond dealers we discuss: Blue Nile, Brian Gavin, James Allen and Zoara each have a “build your own” landing page which looks a lot like Dell’s. All you need to know is how to adjust the right variables (the four C’s of Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight + a fifth C, diamond Certificate), and voila! You’ll discover a diamond that you will both love and can afford.

Quality In/Quality Out

Diamond jewelry holdingWe start off with the best: GIA, Blue Nile and James Allen. Using ‘computer speak’ again for a moment, there is a saying among programmers – Garbage In/Garbage Out, or GIGO. What this means is that if you don’t start with the right inputs, the software won’t operate well, no matter how much you adjust it later. Conversely, if you begin with a strong foundation, the output later is a foregone conclusion. The same is true here. We will start two very important online retailers, James Allen and Blue Nile and one very important diamond-grading lab, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The first two are the premier online diamond dealers, both rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, and the last is recognized as the most conservative and well-respected diamond-grading-lab in the world. With the right inputs, getting the right diamond becomes much, much easier. We’ll get into the detail of each when we cover off online retailers and diamond grading labs a little later in this eBook

How to Use This eBook

We designed this eBook to be first and foremost a ‘how to’ eBook, read end to end in about 35 minutes. Then, once you’ve read the content, as a reference manual where you can have each section in front of you as you click through the target online diamond dealer’s website. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee and just read this book for pleasure right now. Later you can reread it critically when it’s time to get down to business.

Incidentally, for those interested in such things, we wrote this book at about a year 10 reading level so that it is easy on the mind, but provides all the detail necessary to make an intelligent buying decision.

What are “Insider Tips?”

Gemologist inspecting JewelryYou’ll notice on the cover that we have a big red badge that says “Insider Secrets Jewelers Don’t Want You to Know.” Inside we provide little ‘factoids,’ that highlight interesting and useful bits of information that will save you money and occasionally even call out unscrupulous jewelers who use nonsensical terms to describe something pretty ordinary. These are clearly labeled “Insider Tips” and there are 12 of them in this book. Some will make you laugh, others will make you frown, and a few might even make you a little miffed. All of them however, are designed to help you make a better buying decision.

What is Jewelers.NYC?

Jewelers.NYC is the #1 rated online diamond dealer directory[1]. We have over 1000 New York City jewelers listed in our directory as well as the top online diamond dealers in the world. With our five star jeweler ranking system, as well as dozens of articles and posts, and our well-known annual Online Diamond Store Review, our mission is to provide our readers with the best information about who they are doing business with before they buy. Whether it’s “online or on foot.”

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[1] Hot Ten Reviews, June 2015