Cushion Cut

One of the most classic diamond cuts available to buyers is the cushion cut diamond. Reminiscent of the old mining cut stones, a cushion cut diamond is as elegant as it is popular. Second only to the round brilliant cut diamond, a cushion cut displays the 58 facet design that has fire, brilliance, and scintillation.

Buyers of cushion cut diamonds want something a little bit less popular than the traditional round brilliant cut stone.

Setting for cushion cut diamonds are very similar to those of a round stone. This should come as no surprise, because cushion cuts are puffy, rounded edge versions of a traditional round brilliant cut.

Cushion Cut

Cut Parameters

Cushion cut stones have slightly different measurements than the traditional round stone:

Depth less than 70%

table less than 70%

You’ll notice that both the depth and the table of a cushion cut stone are significantly larger than their round brilliant cut brethren. Like many diamonds, the “light effect” can be achieved a number of different ways. The light ricochet is a little less obvious on cushion cuts. While it is true that the angles on the bottom side of the diamond bounce light back up to the crown, because of the “puffiness” of the stone, the light interplay has a little bit more room to move. Thus, cushion cuts have a very high light rating compared to other stones.

Modified Cushion Cut versus Standard Cushion Cut

There has been some discussion about the “modified cushion” design of diamonds as of late. The reality is there is very little difference between the two, and the discerning eye might not even be able to tell the difference. Still, this discussion would not be complete without a comment on modified cushion cut diamonds.

Several years ago the diamond community decided that they wanted to “improve” the design of the cushion cut. When this occurred, the modified cushion cut diamond was put forward as an alternative. To be frank, it did not take off because the cushion cut design was quite well-regarded. The differences are minimal, and the design change is highlighted when you’re looking for your new gem. So for those that are interested in the modified cushion cut design, simply go to to find the alternatives available to you.

What Does a Cushion Cut Diamond say about the Wearer?

The basic design of a cushion cut diamond has been around since the 1800’s under the old name of mine cut diamonds. This means the wearer is a person of classic pedigree. One who wears polo shirts, and Levi jeans. One who is not afraid to have tea on Sunday, and work on the hostile takeover of a company on Tuesday. In other words, she (or he), is a person of influence, and maybe even a member of the “ruling class” of society. The wearer is a person of tradition, they have a disdain for “being all things to all people.”

One would see cushion cut diamond on the ring finger of powerbrokers (or their spouses) who vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons, or simply in their New York City “classic six” apartment. They have an appreciation of a classic education, Shakespeare in the Park, wine and cheese, and orderliness to the world.

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