Trusted Jeweler Rating: The most accurate jeweler rating system in the world…

Finding a trusted Jeweler in New York City can be a daunting task. The diamond trade is ripe with stories about buyers who went to the NYC diamond district to pick up a diamond with specific characteristics (the 4 C’s), only to be sold something completely different.

Worse, as the stories are told, that “something different” was not a tradeoff of price vs quality. Instead, the buyer paid full price and got a lesser diamond…

There are many reasons why this happens, but the main reason is that diamonds are not like any other (mass production) expensive object in the world. If you wanted to buy a car for example, for $30 you could get a subscription from consumer reports and find out, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, not only what the car should sell for, but also what the car dealer paid for it – the difference is your negotiation area. If you bought one troy ounce of gold, then you would be able to open the paper and see where gold is trading today, and that price, plus a little more, is what you should pay for a standard issue 1 ounce American Eagle gold coin. If you were a little more exotic and decided to collect rare coins, you could look up the retail price in the US Coins “Red Book,” based on condition and scarcity.

Diamonds and Price Disclosure

Diamonds have no obvious price disclosure, at least those that are easily accessible to a layperson. If you wanted a 1 carat center stone diamond engagement ring, you could find it in the New York Diamond District anywhere from $2000 to $20,000. Why is this? As it turns out there are almost 300 different combinations of color, cut and clarity that you can find for a 1 carat “jewelry quality” diamond. With that level of price swing, it’s easy to get taken advantage of on Jewelers Row.

Overlay that with the question about the design and quality of the setting itself, particularly those such as Art Deco, Edwardian or Victorian vintage engagement rings and this takes the difficulty into the stratosphere.

Jewelers.NYC is a customer advocacy site that has taken a lot of the mystery out of diamond jewelry buying on Jewelers Row’s 47th Street. Some of our more popular articles include the “The Top 10 Diamond Dealers of Jewelers Row,” “Which Jewelry Stores to Avoid,” and others that will help you deal with the trust issue. And as always, we never accept money for placement in these articles. But we wanted to do more for you. That is why we came up with “The Most Accurate Jeweler Rating System in the World.”

Standard Customer Rating Systems Aren’t Accurate for What YOU Care About

We know that sounds like “hyperbole,” but here’s why this is important to you. If you went on to a standard directory site like YELP, YP, etc. and looked up Jewelers in the 10036 zip code, you’d receive hundreds of returns. Many would have a significant number of great reviews, but what is being reviewed?? Is the buyer giving a four or five-star rating for service? Because the soon to be bride said yes? Because they got a good deal? The jeweler was knowledgeable? They walked out feeling good but they don’t know why? Who knows???

Trust, Quality and Price…

On a recent Jewelers.NYC Engagement Ring Buyer’s survey, we asked 50 engagement ring buyers one single question: “what is most important to you from your jeweler.” We were expecting dozens of responses, (the question was open ended and the respondents had the opportunity to write in anything!). What we got was something completely different. 90% of the respondents “wrote in” one of three answers.

Trust – 35%

Quality – 31%

Price – 26%

Buyers put trust ahead of quality! And significantly ahead of price!! Could this mean that the average buyer does not trust their jeweler? Yes! We decided to put together a jeweler directory ratings system like no other. We call it “the most accurate jeweler rating system in the world.” Our results can’t be replicated with a generic single, one to five-star rating system, or even a series of generic questions that apply to all industries. The ratings on Jewelers.NYC relate to buyers’ three very-obvious concerns.


Trust / Integrity

Quality of Product

Price Paid

We call this the Jewelers.NYC “Trust Rating System” because of the focus on trust and integrity as the first question.

So, jump in and find out what other people are saying about the trust, quality and price of their jeweler.

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Very importantly, when you go, please come back and rate your experience!