James Allen rings are some of the best in the world. If you read our Online Diamond Store Review, or our book, “Buying a Diamond Online is Easy,” you will see that James Allen is revered by raging fans everywhere.

The big question you should be asking right now is, why?

diamond2It’s all about the diamonds

James Allen diamonds are some of the best on the net. More importantly, they compete nicely with major diamond stores around the world including 5th Avenue NYC stores.

Let’s start by dismissing a common myth: No, online diamonds are not lesser quality than in store diamonds even though their prices are substantially less. The real (and major) reason is that online diamond stores like James Allen just don’t have the overhead cost that brick and mortar store diamonds have. Sales people, store rent, etc.

Why do we like James Allen diamonds?

Five reasons. First, the diamond quality at James Allen is excellent. They feature GIA graded diamonds, which are some of the most accurately graded in the world.

Next, they tie for least expensive pricing, along with Zoara and Blue Nile.

James Allen displays your actual diamond, in a 360 degree 3D view. Most other online diamond stores show a stock photo.

As of the date of this article, James Allen was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

They have the best diamond-selection-tool that we have seen, making selecting the perfect diamond for you so much easier. Check out the diamond-selection-tool here.