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Leibish Diamond Reviews

There is a special group of diamond buyers who wish to purchase a stone that is amazing and quite rare. This group knows that the jaw-dropping effect of diamond jewelry can be amplified with the addition of colored diamonds to a jewelry piece. Leibish & Co. is one of the world’s leading providers of natural diamond engagement rings, and other natural diamond jewelry. Welcome to Jewelers.NYC’s, Leibish Diamonds Reviews. Below we will discuss just about everything you need to know about Leibish diamonds. We begin this review with a discussion about what you need to know about colored diamonds before buying colored diamonds.

About Fancy Colored Diamonds

Since 400 BC, the world has been fascinated with diamonds. These little gems were originally kept in their rough natural state, lightly polished, and used as ornamentation for the world’s elite. At some point, over two thousand years ago, the first colored diamond became part of the collection of an Aristocrats household. That was the beginning of the world’s love affair with these unique colored stones. There is a very good chance that the first colored stone was either a brown or yellow diamond. The reasons are many fold, but the reality is yellow diamonds are far more common in nature than the more talked about blue or pink diamonds. We’ll discuss rarity of color and pricing shortly, but you should know they are interconnected.

It’s All About Being Natural

Diamonds, by their very nature, are rare. In fact, “rarity” is what determines a diamond’s value. That is why “perfect” or “nearly-perfect” diamonds command a much higher price than those diamonds that have microscopic flaws. When selecting a diamond, the buyer can go far down the quality scale and still come out with an amazing looking stone if he or she is willing to buy and “eye clean” stone. This means that the diamond has flaws, but they cannot be seen unless the stone is magnified with, say, a jeweler’s loupe.

Almost as long as human beings have been putting a higher price on higher perfection diamonds, they have been trying to alter a diamond’s appearance. Fancy colored diamonds are no exception. Mankind has tried to alter the color of diamonds ever since they were first discovered over two thousand years ago. Unscrupulous players have tried to sell natural fancy colored diamond “imposters” since the first diamond broker put a bit of navy colored ink on a diamond cutlet in an attempt to pass the stone off as “blue.” That is why you, as a buyer, need to be very careful when choosing your loose fancy diamonds. Make sure you look for the words “naturally colored” or similar on the diamond certificate.

The Leibish Offering

Leibish & Co. is one of the most reputable sellers of colored diamonds. Leibish yellow diamonds represent the clear majority of colored diamonds sold on the Leibish website. Almost every diamond sold by the company has an accompanying diamond certificate (that you absolutely must read) that indicates whether the color is natural or not. Leibish pink diamonds are the most sought after, but are also less available because of their rarity and corresponding price point. Point in fact, a pink diamond is hundreds of times rarer than a yellow diamond. Today, most of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia, but historically finding one was rarer than hen’s teeth. The bottom line is that if you’re going to buy colored diamonds, make sure you read the diamond certificate to ensure that you are buying natural fancy colored diamonds and not a “man-made” fake colored stone.

Loose Colored Diamonds

Many of the buyers who shop on the Leibish website are looking for loose colored diamonds. They buy the Leibish stone as a replacement, or improvement, to an existing setting. There is almost nothing more jaw-dropping than grandma’s old, rose gold, antique engagement ring reset with a signature Leibish yellow diamond…

Colored Engagement Rings

Fancy colored diamond rings are far and away the most frequent items sold at Leibish & Co. We estimate that a colored engagement ring leaves the Leibish store at least 10 times a day based on our research. But they are expensive.

There is a way for someone of more “modest” financial means to acquire one of Leibish’s colored stone engagement rings. The method is simple: purchase one of their rings where the stone in the center is colorless, and use small colored side stones to accent the center stone. A cushion cut center stone, with Leibish pink diamonds around the edge is both amazing and affordable. Why is this? It always comes back to rarity as explained in the next paragraph…

The “Million Dollar” Question…

What is more expensive, one high quality three carat loose yellow diamond with an intense big bird yellow color hue, or thirty 1/10th of a carat yellow diamonds with the exact same color strength? Far and away (by a factor of multiples) the single three carat yellow diamond will cost a king’s ransom, while the same 30 tiny yellow diamonds can be purchased with a few weeks wages. The reason? The tiny yellow diamonds are the “left over” product from yellow diamond rough. In other words, tiny yellow diamonds are far less “rare.”

“One Click” Naturally Colored Diamond’s at Leibish & Co.

Yellow | Champagne/Brown | Pink | Blue | Gray | Red | Orange | Black

Colored Diamonds – Prices

If you went on their website today, and navigated to the Leibish yellow diamonds page, you would notice (now that we’ve told you) that the price of the diamond is directly proportioned to the intensity of the color. Faint yellow is significantly less expensive than a fancy vivid yellow diamond. This means any discussion about color needs to highlight the fact that the more intense the color (i.e. the stronger “the hue” in diamond speak), the more rare and expensive the diamond.

Diamond prices are also affected by the color of the stone itself, not just the strength of the hue. Brown and yellow colored stones are quite common, and in fact price between 50 and 80% of the per carat prices for comparable colorless stones, according to the Gemological Institute of America.

GIA goes on to say that prices for light blues are often a little higher than for colorless stones, and as the color intensity increases, so does the price – exponentially. Natural “medium-green” diamonds are quite rare, and of all the commercially available colors available, fancy pink and pink purples are the most expensive.

Leibish & Co. offers all the colors mentioned above as well as many variations of gray, red and orange diamonds. Their prices are competitive, and selection is excellent. Their colored stone engagement rings are worn just about everywhere; from the palaces of Saudi Arabia to modest homes in Des Moines, Iowa. But be prepared to make choices between diamond size, hue, color and quality to accomplish your mission.

What We Like About Leibish…

A+ Rated – Leibish & Co. possesses an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Don’t underestimate the importance of this in a market that has a lot of unscrupulous players. In fact, we estimate that 1 in 100 diamond stores has this rating based on our research.

Selection of Colored Diamonds – Leibish’s selection of Loose Fancy diamonds is extensive. While there are other stores that may sell more, we’re impressed with the quality and price of the Leibish inventory.

Settings – at last count, Leibish offered 128 different settings for their colored stone engagement rings. They also offered 25 different settings specifically for colored diamond pendants and 31 different settings for colored diamond earrings. This is more than enough for most people to make a confident buying decision.

What We Don’t Like About Leibish…

There is not much negative to say about Leibish. We of course wish their natural diamond engagement rings were less expensive, but that is a factor of supply and demand not the company itself. We think the website is intuitive, but the one area where some of the competitors do “it” better is on the education component. However, in the end, if you know what you’re doing, and have done your research, then an extensive education library is less important. If education is what you seek, search our website (or others like ours) to become fully knowledgeable on natural diamond jewelry.


Overall, we rate Leibish & Co. a 4.4 out of five for the quality of their loose colored diamonds, their colored diamond prices, service and ease of use for the website. Below we have added some short links for you that will take you to some of their most popular offerings including the most popular Leibish yellow diamonds and Leibish pink diamonds discussed above.

“One Click” Compare – Naturally Colored Diamond’s at Leibish & Co.

Yellow | Champagne/Brown | Pink | Blue | Gray | Red | Orange | Black


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