Oval Diamonds

For those that want the look of a round diamond but need something a little more unique, then an oval diamond may be your gem of choice. Oval diamond buyers choose this shape because it offers something that a round diamond does not: the fire and brilliance of a round diamond combined with the length of an oval shaped stone. This combo gives the buyer a diamond with incredible flash that also elongates the finger, and captures the beauty and simplicity of today’s brilliant diamonds.


Oval diamonds have a classic look to them, the same way that round brilliant diamonds do. Even though they are more rare than a round brilliant they are not more expensive. The reason is that although far fewer of them are made, far fewer people choose this stone.

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This shape has design versatility. It is often seen on “east west oval engagement rings,” with the diamond sitting horizontally across the finger, rather than vertically. Because of its unusual shape, this stone is often seen on a six prong oval engagement ring instead of a four prong design, primarily to hold it in place.

The oval diamond cut was created in 1960 by Lazare Kaplan. It’s popularity grew slowly over the years, with discerning buyers choosing the stone because of its uniqueness in the marketplace. An oval diamond should have a length to width ratio between 1.35 – 1.50 times. It is in this range where the offering is considered a “classic” diamond design.

There is no right length to width in totality though, particularly if the wearer wants to achieve a slendering effect on their finger.

Oval diamond design considerations

One of the biggest benefits of oval diamonds is that their elongation creates the illusion of a bigger stone. This effect is magnified when the length to width ratio is closer to 1.5 rather than 1.25.

These stones have GIA grading standards for color, cut, clarity and of course carat weight. Some stones do not have a cut grade because of their unique shape. This is not true of oval diamonds.

So to wrap it all up. If you are looking for a classic stone, that displays fire and brilliance like a round brilliant diamond, but makes the hand and fingers look thinner, and oval diamond may be for you.