One of the most unique diamond shapes, is the pear. Pear-shaped diamonds are used quite frequently in necklaces and earrings. They also make nice side stones or even a center stone on an engagement ring.

Pear-shaped diamonds are exquisite, and combine the beauty of a round brilliant diamond and Marquis shaped diamond. This combination allows the diamond to sparkle in a similar manner to round brilliants, and it elongates the finger like a Marquis.

This diamond is often called the “teardrop cut” because of its teardrop like shape. This shape gives the diamond significant meaning for some givers of the stone. The shape can be used as an analogy to an event or feeling that both the giver and receiver shared at a point in time

Pear-Shaped Diamond History

The pear-shaped diamond came into existence in 1458 when Flemish polisher, Ludwick van Berquem came up with the design. It was not an instant hit however, and as a consequence the stone became part of the larger jeweler’s inventory without much use until last century. Elizabeth Taylor popularized the cut with the 69.42 Carat pear-shaped diamond that was originally cut by Harry Winston and set in a platinum ring in 1967. Richard Burton purchased the stone in 1969 and gave the diamond to his then wife Elizabeth Taylor. The stone later became known as the Taylor-Burton diamond.


Pear-Shaped Diamond Cost

Pear-shaped diamonds cost a little less than round brilliant stones. This is because the shape allows the diamond cutter to use more of the diamond rough, resulting in less weight loss per carat. So, if you are on a budget, or just want to give a slightly bigger stone, a pear-shaped diamond may be the answer for you.


Meaning of a Pear-Shaped Diamond

As mentioned above the pear-shaped diamond has a link to a teardrop, and as such it means something slightly different to everybody. Pear shaped diamonds are far less common than many other cuts, and as a consequence say something special about the wearer.


Biggest Sellers of Pear-Shaped Diamonds

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