Princess Cut Diamonds

The second most popular diamond is the Princess Cut. This stone is popular among couples with a modern flare to their relationship. The Princess Cut diamond is a little less traditional than the Round Brilliant Cut; however, it has an amazing look that is clean, simple, and modern. It is a great replacement for a round cut stone in just about any setting.

Princess Cut diamonds sit on top of engagement rings far more than any other jewelry piece; however, they look equally impressive as earrings, necklaces, or on a bracelet.

They look amazing colorless, but because of their modern design, they are also terrific cut from a champagne diamond or pink diamond.

About the Princess Cut Diamond

A Princess Cut diamond is square-shaped, and because of this the diamond utilizes about 80% of the rough stone that it came from. By way of comparison, most other diamonds utilize 40 to 50% of the rough stone, with the balance going to less expensive “side stones” It is this fact alone that causes the price of the Princess Cut diamond to be about 80% of the price of most other stones. A little later we will have links to James Allen’s online discount site showing you a price comparison of the two stones.

Princess Cut Diamond

Like the Round Brilliant Cut diamond, a Princess Cut stone has 58 facets. Looking down upon the stone, the viewer will notice that it is square-shaped. From the side, this looks like an upside-down pyramid. Because the stone’s corners are sharp, they are prone to chipping; therefore, the setting is almost always four pronged, with each prong protecting a corner.


There is some dispute about the history of the stone. Many people cite a London diamond cutter named Arpad Nagy as the original designer in 1961. Others suggest that it was Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz who designed and introduced the stone to the market in 1980. If the trio didn’t design the shape, they certainly were responsible for making it popular. The bottom line is whether it was 1961 or 1980, the stone is here today and is available in mass quantities, highest-quality, and great prices.

So, for the buyer who wants a clean and modern stone the Princess Cut, is a viable alternative to the Round Brilliant Cut diamond. To see the price differential between a Princess Cut and a Round Brilliant Cut diamond simply click the carat weight below. This will take you to James Allen’s website where you can see the stones side-by-side.


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Princess Cut

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Round Brilliant Cut

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