Marriage Proposal Ideas

Engagement ring in cafeIf you’re searching for great proposal ideas, you have come to the right place. We can literally share hundreds of stories about the best (and worst!) marriage proposals from the annals of time.

This new addition to Jewelers.NYC will feature one great wedding proposal idea a week, and will come both from our extensive database of amazing (and horrific!) outcomes, as well as industry experts such as wedding planners, jewelers and even the couples themselves!

Next week we will feature our first article, The Dos and Don’ts of Marriage Proposals. This article outlines the holy grail of proposal actions: the basics that you cannot flub up if you want the rest of the day to go well.

Then we will spotlight some amazing industry experts, the services they provide, and how to contact them if you want to have them do the hard work for you!

Finally, we will highlight a few “less than perfect weddings” that made the news recently, along with the final outcome – did she say yes or no?!?

In the mean time, if you have a great proposal that you want to feature (or you just have a great proposal idea), email it along with your contact information to Directory@Jewelers.NYC. If we feature the idea we will attribute it to you and include a link to your website.