Footer for Your Website-LWhether you have a Free Listing or area Featured Jeweler, there are several simple actions you can take to significantly increase your profile and revenue.

Customer Rating

From to Yelp, customers buy from vendors with high independent customer ratings. We leave the customer rating option turned on-on your business-listing page (this is required to list on our site). Some customers who found you from our site will eventually come back and rate you after they are done, but many won’t without encouragement from you. It’s not that they are unwilling, they just don’t know that it’s important. Below we show you how to achieve high customer ratings, and by extension how to build a profile on Jewelers.NYC that generates more and more revenue the longer you are listed.

How to get a lot of great ratings

The first step is to provide good service of course, but we assume that if you’re listed with us this is a given.

Footer for Your Website-XXSIf you have a website, consider downloading our free, discrete “New York Jewelers Directory Listed Business” logo on the right (just right click and select “Save image as . . .”) and adding it to the footer of your home page. Link it back to your listing page in our directory and then every time you have a happy customer, ask them to go to your website, click the New York Jewelers Directory Listed Business logo and to “please give your business a five star review.” One “five star” review does not mean much to a potential customer here, but 10, 20, 50+ gives your listing page credibility, and very importantly search engine visibility. Your listing starts to get found in general internet searches! The important thing is to make it as easy as possible for the customer, this is why the New York Jewelers Directory Listed Business logo is important (see all logo size options here). Most importantly, your listing appears in the search results on our site with your corresponding overall rating, many of our subscribers are just happy to get increased inquiries and sales and don’t work on their ratings-this is fine, but it means those listing with ratings stand out.

What if you don’t have a website

Putting aside the importance of a business website in the 21st century for a moment, some of our “more traditional” clients simply write their listing’s URL on the back of a business card and hand it to the happy client on his/her way out the door along with the words “please give us a five star review.” It requires more than the click of the mouse, but it still works pretty well.


Believe it or not more than half the subscribers who list with us with even a free listing don’t provide any photos. Pictures of products are great, but we recommend at least one picture of the business, and we recommend that you make this your featured image (this is the one that shows up in our search results). These could include: the front of your store, a staff member in action, anything that makes it more personal for the reader. Even a free listing subscriber can add photos to their listing. These don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) too staged.

Business Description

You can use unlimited words, (and some businesses have!) but you want it to capture what you do in an easy to understand way. Many business descriptions are just 100 to 200 words + a brief list of accolades such as Google+ and Yelp reviews, Better Business Bureau ratings, etc.

Conclude with a call to action such as call us with your questions.

Common Questions

What’s the revenue difference between a Free Listing, Featured Listing and a Front and Center Listing?

It’s impossible to give an exact answer because this depends on a lot of variables including those cited above, but directionally here’s how to think about it. A Basic Listing shows up in general searches and Featured Listing show regularly on or front page. This means a Featured Listing shows up in about 200% more search results that a Basic Listing. A Basic Listing is allowed up to 5 categories and a Featured Listing is allowed up to 8. This means that a Featured Listing returns about 60% more of the time for those who use the product search filter (almost all do). Additionally, in the search results (and on the listing page), Featured Listings and Featured Author Listings are also highlighted differently than a Basic Listing.

A Featured Author Listing requires you to “work it” more, but the “buy” results increase significantly, here’s why: the biggest challenge any personal business website has (i.e. your company website) is that no matter how great the quality, it will still be a big brochure for your business. It lacks “authority” (in website-speak) because you’re never going to say anything bad about yourself. At New York Jewelers Directory our single mission is to put buyer and seller together, but to do so in a way that has independence in the form of customer ratings and competition with other listings. If the average reader reads the same article on your website or on ours, on your site many will consider it an advertisement, on ours it is one of our many educational posts from “the experts.” Expert status gives you a higher level of credibility and this translates into more sales. Your contact information is listed on the bottom of each article and your listing page displays a list of all of your articles, again adding authority, even if the readers don’t actually open them.

Can I change from one listing type to another?

Yes, it’s very easy. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime – just message us using the message link on the lower left hand side of this page. Please include the exact name of your business, we’ll take it from there. Changes take approximately 3 to 5 business days.

Can I edit my listing?

You bet, anytime you want. Just go back to the information form link sent to you upon joining and enter your data the way you want it. We’ll make the changes within a few days. If you don’t have the link, message us below (include the name of your business) and we’ll send it to you ASAP.