zoara - bottom of page bannerThe Zoara online diamond store has gotten a lot of attraction as of late – making it onto our list of “top five online diamond stores in the world,” excelling in price, selection and return policy. But what is it that makes a Zoara diamond so special?

We’ll you’re about to find out.

Every year we search for the best of the best for our Online Diamond Store Review. We look for 10 attributes that (in our humble opinion) make or break an online diamond store. These are: price, Better Business Bureau rating, return policy, the store’s gift box, diamond selection, HD display of the actual diamond purchased, Gemologist final inspection, brand recognition, and customer education.


We could actually be convinced to put Zoara at #1, beating Blue Nile and James Allen in the process except for one small thing: Zoara only has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and the other two are A+. Is this huge? Well, Amazon.com has a B rating and people still buy from them, but in our online diamond store review it’s entirely about the math. A+ beats A, all else being equal.

Now that you know what we don’t like, and perhaps you might even feel differently about a “very good” versus “excellent” BBB rating, here’s what we like.

Their diamond selection is the best of the five online diamond stores. Further, many are graded from GIA, well known and well respected by most as the most consistent, and conservative diamond grading lab in the world – no one in the know, will question your decision to go with a diamond graded by GIA if you are measuring the diamond based on the 4C’s of color, cut, carat weight and clarity.

Special thanks to the Gemological Institute of America for providing this video to Jewelers.NYC


ODSR-Return PolicyLikewise their setting selection is impressive – almost too much choice!

What we like most, something that none of the others have however, is their 45 day return policy. All the others in our top five have a 30-day policy, except for Brian Gavin, (which is 15 days!).

About Zoara

the Zoara online diamond store was founded in 2008 by members of the South Dakota diamond community. They are leaders in industry organizations such as the Jewelers Board of Trade, World Federation of Diamond Bourses, and the Manufacturing Jewelers Suppliers of America. Their headquarters and showroom is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and they are open from 7am to 7pm PST, Monday through Friday. The internet store is 24/7

They offer free shipping and insurance on all orders.

If you’d like to see how Zoara prices compare, click here to go to their online diamond pricer.