A Man’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring [Easy to Use Chart for Cavemen]

We men are good at a lot of things: hunting, weight training, beer, pool, our jobs, etc. But there is a chance we might not be in sync with the love of our life when it comes to her engagement ring. You should know that it is bad, in fact very bad if you don’t get it right. Because when it’s “go time,” you need to deliver. There is no “gimme,” no “do over” and unlike a game of horseshoes, “close enough” just doesn’t cut it. At Jewelers.NYC we’re here to help. Please find below: A Man’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring, complete with tips on selecting the 4Cs and other important stuff!

Let’s start with the basic steps that you need to complete before you deliver the engagement ring…

1. Determine how much you want to spend. Most men err on the side of caution and stretch a bit more, but that is a personal decision.

2. Determine the shape – 2/3rds of diamonds for engagement rings are round, but if you don’t know, have a friend ask her – you don’t want to get this wrong.

3. Go online and play with the 4C variables at a reputable online diamond store such as James Allen. Use the following guide as a starting point for your inputs, but please adjust as you see necessary.

  • • Cut – This is the #1 determinant of beauty. We recommend that you buy the best quality you can afford, and definitely don’t go below a “Very Good,” cut.
  • • Color – This is the #2 determinant of beauty. We recommend that you do not go below “I” color which is mid grade, Near Colorless.
  • • Clarity – Clarity is a measure of the microscopic imperfections that occur in almost all diamonds. You can drop a long way and still have “eye clean” diamonds. Diamonds graded VS2 or better are considered eye-clean and imperfections can’t be seen without magnification.
  • • Carat – For the best price choose a diamond that is 0.01 or 0.02 carats below your desired carat weight. Her friends won’t know the difference and you’ll save a lot of money!

4. Commit, either buy the diamond online (make sure you know the return policy), or call a jeweler in our directory (and get the price before you go!).

Other Things You Need to Know

Certification – Almost all diamonds are certified by a “grading lab.” Certificates demonstrate accuracy in the 4Cs as well as detail out other measurements such a florescence. We recommend GIA certified diamonds only. There are other good labs, but GIA is consistently considered the most accurate and well respected, and the best part is that GIA is also the most plentiful.

Florescence – One of the most hotly debated items in the diamond trade is whether florescence can be seen with the human eye. Many diamond experts (including the Gemological Institute of America) will tell you that florescence makes no difference in the appearance of a diamond.  Others say that strong florescence makes a diamond hazy.  The fact that this is debated at all means that it probably does not make a big difference. To be safe, stay away from strong florescence.

Whether you buy online or on foot, understanding the basics will take you further than most other men who are in your shoes, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Hop over to James Allen and price a few diamonds to get the lay of the land.  – Ugh

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