Anelli Diamanti-the Diamond Ring

In Italian they call it anelli diamanti, in French it’s called bague en diamant, and in Spanish anillo de brillantes. No matter what language you choose, an “anelli diamanti” moves people emotionally. A diamond ring is a special kind of gift, quite possibly the most personal gift one can buy or receive from someone they love.

The first diamond engagement ring was attributed to Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477, who proposed to Mary of Burgundy with an engagement ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds place in the shape of an “M.” Aneilli diamanti’s have come a long way since then. A round diamond is the most popular, primarily for its fire and brilliance, followed by princess, oval, marquise, pear, cushion, and emerald cut.

“The key to the ring is the diamond, everything flows from the diamond,” says our own Jonathan Winter, founder of Jewelers.NYC. “If you’re going to buy a diamond, New York is the greatest city in the world to acquire such an object. The NYC Diamond District is where 90% of the country’s diamonds originate before they are shipped out  to places such as Portland Maine, Birmingham, Alabama or even Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming (population 1500).”

Most married women and many men in the United States acquire a diamond at one point or another in their life. It is the right of passage from single status to family status, a signal that a new era in one’s life has begun, and the love, benefits and responsibilities that go with it.

“A diamond is forever” said De Beers in 1948 as part of an ongoing marketing ad that still runs today, and an anelli diamanti is truly the gift of love. To find a New York City jeweler that sells diamonds, simply go to our home page then click the spyglass on the top left and select your desired “location” (i.e. NYC Neighborhood) and then select “diamonds.” To narrow the search select only “featured jewelers.”

We wish you all the best finding your perfect anelli diamanti.