Avianne & Co Jewelers – Store Review

Avianne & Co. (Aviannes, Inc)

Most jewelers on NYC’s 47th Street, Jewelers Row like to lay low, work off referrals and blend in. They are often generational, with a business that is passed down from parent to child over 30+ years – not Avianne and Co (Aviannes, Inc). Founded in 1999, Avianne Jewelers is the diamantaire to some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment business. Elliott Avianne’s star filled client list includes Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Ciara, and Cam’Ron to name just a few.

Elliot Avianne is probably most famous for Ciara’s $500,000 15 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring (which was unfortunately returned when the wedding with her fiancé, Future, was called off). One of Aviane’s biggest clients is Nicki Minaj who bought a Roman style diamond watch from the jeweler.


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That’s all well and good, but what does that have to do with everyday buyers not affiliated with the entertainment industry? Those that might have a one or two carat diamond purchase and a budget to match? We decided to find out.  We pulled up the metrics from the 2017 Top 10 Diamond District Store Review and ran them on Aviannes.

Better Business Bureau Rating – Not Accredited

Facebook Likes – 298k

YELP Likes – 3/5 based on 20 reviews

Return Policy – 14 days, full refund

Prices – mega. But that does not mean much when they are selling $500,000 diamond rings and $250,000 watches. Avianne and Co also sells one carat diamond rings that are quite reasonably priced on their website.

Facebook – There is no doubt that Aviannes has a raging fan base. With 298K+ Facebook likes, we’ve never seen a jeweler with such celebrity status. Even DeBeers sports only 127k. In other words, this one little store in the NYC Diamond District has more that double the Facebook likes as the global titan of the diamond industry.

YELP – Three out of five average on YELP is respectable but it also suggests that they won’t defend their YELP rating if a customer is less than satisfied. Reading through the customer reviews, comments seem to vary from ridiculously happy to hyper critical of customer service. Click here to see their YELP page.

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Better Business Bureau – Aviannes, Inc. is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This in and of itself is not bad or good, because over 95% of the jewelers in the NYC Diamond District are not accredited; however, even if the company is not accredited with the BBB we ALWAYS recommend that our readers go the Better Business Bureau website and look for unsolicited ratings. Unsolicited ratings are given to businesses that don’t submit themselves to the BBB ratings process. If a business has a large-number of negative reviews, the BBB will give the business a negative letter rating. Conversely, if it has a large-number of unsolicited positive reviews, the BBB will generally leave a letter rating off, but will provide the stats on the positive comments.  You can search for the most up to date Avianne & Co Better Business Bureau unsolicited rating here. Use the official corporate name Aviannes, Inc. because that is how the BBB classifies the companies.

In Conclusion

There is nothing about Avianne & Co that suggests that the jeweler will (or even should!) ever blend in. This strategy works well for Avianne Jewelers, and given their demographic, “The leading custom diamond jewelers in Hip Hop and Pop Culture,” we think they should double down on the niche.