Advice: Buying Diamonds Online

 Buying Diamonds Online

Whether you’ve just discovered that you can buy great diamonds online, or you’ve known it for several years and are now ready to commit (in more ways that one :)), when you find the best store, buying a diamond online can save you a lot of money. The problem is finding the best online diamond dealer, and then purchasing the stone that will be “spot on” the first time.

Don’t worry, Jewelers.NYC is here to help.

There are only two steps to get right

First, you need to know the characteristics of the diamond that you want. This is not just the 4Cs, but also its polish and symmetry as well. Excellent polish and symmetry don’t cost a lot, because in today’s high tech world polishing a diamond to excellent standards is reasonably easy and cutting a diamond to exact proportions is the same. Therefore you should demand both, no matter what you ultimately decide on the 4Cs of your diamond.

Then you need to select an online diamond store. There are literally dozens out there, so you need to remember the GIGO rule: Garbage In Garbage Out. You will never get a great diamond online if you start with a store that is not top tier. If you’ve read our Online Diamond Store Review (or our book, Buying a Diamond Online is Easy) the clear winner among the online store diamond store titans is James Allen (Also Jewelers.NYC’s #1 rated online diamond store, 2016).

What we like about James Allen:

  • Their selection of GIA graded diamonds is excellent. GIA is the only grading lab that you should ever use unless you have a really compelling reason to choose another. They are viewed by the market as the best: the most conservative, the most consistent and the most well respected. Each of which is vitally important in order to get the “advertised stone,” that you are expecting.
  • They have a 30-day “no questions asked” money-back
  • They are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • They display the actual stone that you will be buying in 360 degree 3D, with a 20X zoom magnification, which means far fewer regrets or mistakes.
  • Their prices are excellent – circa 40% less than retail and tied with Blue Nile, the lowest priced online diamond store in the market.
  • Their selection is outstanding. Most searches on their site yield 25-50 diamonds for you to choose from.

Know The Wholesale Diamond Price Before You Go. Visit:
James Allen – Jewelers.NYC’s Online Discount Diamond Store of the Year – 2016 (~40% off)
Most Popular: Round>GIA>Ideal Cut>SI1 Clarity> G Color> One Click

1 Carat | 1-1/2 Carat | 2 Carat | 2-1/2 Carat | 3 Carat

We like two other stores too, Brian Gavin and Zoara. Both have many of the attributes above. If you’d like to learn more about all three please read our Online Diamond Store Review. We believe this is the best of its kind on the web.

In either case we recommend that you start your research with James Allen. They will be the benchmark that others are measured by.

Best of luck on your Journey and don’t forget to come back and rate your online jeweler (just go to our homepage – they will be there waiting 🙂 )!