Finding the Right Jeweler in New York

Love is always in the air somewhere in New York City, and every year over 100,000 couples get engaged in our wonderful town. This is not surprising, historically New York has been a city of transplants, so New Yorkers have had to turn strangers into friends for centuries.

From secret workplace romances, to Friday night parties, to a chance meeting in Central Park, eventually cupid’s arrow strikes almost all of us. When it does, finding the right jeweler in New York is very important – both a diamond and a marriage are forever, so no pressure folks, but you need to get this right! A good jeweler can smooth the path for you. He (or she!) knows the market, asks you the right questions and helps your dream take flight.

How much should you spend?

First it was one month’s salary, then it was “up to two,” now “up to three” (yikes!). Relax, it’s entirely a personal matter between the bride and groom. In fact many brides don’t want their fiancé to spend that much on an engagement ring, the new couple may have other goals that require the family finances elsewhere: saving for the down payment on a house, having children, paying off student loans, etc. are all perfectly good reasons why less is more. No matter what your budget, you still want the best deal for your money (read our Article: Really, How Much Should You Spend on Her Engagement Ring???).

What is the Diamond District?

New York’s Diamond District is located in Manhattan on 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Here you will find many storefronts, each filled with dozens of high-end jewelry brokers. Most of these jewelers specialize in something: watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, artisan settings made from gold, platinum and silver, and of course diamonds from South Africa, Australia, Russia, and elsewhere are all plentiful in this part of town.

New York City Jewelers

There are over 5000 jewelry stores in the five boroughs of New York City, so zeroing in on the one that “gets you” is difficult. New York is the diamond gateway to the United States. It doesn’t matter whether your diamond is ultimately purchased in Atlanta, Chicago or even Biloxi, chances are good that it made it’s way through New York’s famous diamond district in the process.  Jewelers in NYC span the gamut, from retail shops that offer only costume jewelry to the highest end establishments with expert trained gemologists who know the finer details of a diamond, the way a Master Sommelier knows the attributes of expensive French wine.  The good news is that many times in New York City even the lesser known jewelers have highly trained staff waiting to help – no matter what your price point, you just need to know where to go.

Know What Your Suppose to Pay

Online discount diamond merchants such as Blue Nile and James Allen have transformed price transparency. Both compete for the top spot of best online diamond retailer (see our review, Blue Nile v James Allen for more detail) while you may not buy your diamonds online, those in the know will price out their purchase before they buy it from the retail jeweler.  Click here to see James Allen’s diamond ring ‘bottom up’ ring pricing and build page.

Once you know about what you should pay, then you need to find a NYC jeweler – this is where we come in.  There are basically two ways to start: by location (i.e. neighborhood), or by category (i.e. selection such as engagement ring). From there you review ratings, comments and other critical data BEFORE you walk in the jeweler’s door. Narrow it down to your top three and off you go (you can always add more jewelers later if you don’t like what you’ve seem). Hit the pavement, ask questions, compare prices and last but not least, go back to Blue Nile or James Allen for one final price peek before you commit.

We wish you all the best.