ID Jewelry – Jeweler Review | NYC Diamond District “Top 10”

While we’ve known of I.D. Jewelry’s reputation in the New York Diamond District for some time, we discovered just how good they really are when we were parsing through reams of New York jewelry store data for our Top 10 Jewelers of the Diamond District article.

ID Jewelry was one of the very first to make it on our “Top 10” list, hitting every measure almost dead center. Before we get into the interview with Yekutiel Davidov, Store Manager, let us give you their results from our Top 10 article…

It’s fair to say that I.D. Jewelry has a “raving fan” base of loyal customers. One just needs to look at their 288 reviews on YELP, 283 of which are five stars. Then there are the over 12,000 followers on Facebook. Finally (and frankly most importantly to us) we felt their A+ Better Business Bureau Rating was quite special (and quite rare) among the 1365 businesses in the NYC Diamond District. Of the 1365, only 35 possessed an A+ rating at the time of this article.

Phew. Now that we got the stats out of the way, let’s talk about the store…

I.D. Jewelry is a family owned business that was started over 30 years ago by Israel Davidov. To an outsider, they might think that I.D. Jewelry has something to do with, well, identification jewelry. But they’d quickly learn that “ID” stands for the founder Israel Davidov. If the owner’s name hadn’t tipped us off, then the business’s exquisite offering certainly would have done the trick.

One of the biggest reasons that the store has as many fans as it does is the time the staff spends educating its customers. Yekutiel Davidov, the store manager and son of Israel explains just how important education is to building trust and repeat business on 47th Street’s Jewelers Row.

Yekutiel Davidov: “There are a lot of jewelry stores on 47th Street, but they can’t all give you the same thing. Any store can provide you with an overall box standard product that looks like the others, but at I.D. Jewelry we take the initiative to educate our customers so they are very happy and comfortable with their purchase.”

The interview continued…

Jonathan Winter: “Tell us about your staff.”

Yekutiel: “Our staff is our family and we make sure they treat our customers like family too. Our only goal is to satisfy the customer.  When that happens, repeat sales happen naturally.”

Jonathan: “How about special training?”

Yekutiel: “Most of our staff has been trained on how to grade diamonds and manufacture fine jewelry, including rings, bands, etc.”

Jonathan: “What type of pieces is I.D. Jewelry known for?”

Yekutiel: We sell a lot of diamond engagement rings of course, but we also sell diamond eternity bandsdiamonds studs and diamond tennis bracelets. 

Jonathan: “What else do you offer?”

Yekutiel: “We also carry color stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These stones make incredible jewelry.”

Jonathan: “Last (and perhaps the most important) question. I.D. Jewelry is known for both its quality and competitive pricing.  How does your store stay so competitive in the market?”

Yekutiel: “Three important reasons … First, we moved our business from a store to an office and saved a lot on overhead costs. Next, and very importantly, we buy our diamonds directly from manufactures, not from wholesalers. We also provide our customers with pictures and videos of diamonds including Ideal Scope and ASET images which are very important in determining the cut and quality of the diamond.  Finally, we make and manufacture our own jewelry.  Because of all of this we end up passing on a savings of 20 to 30% to our customers.”

What Yekutiel didn’t say, but we at Jewelers.NYC have heard repeatedly from many of their customers, is that the staff focuses on understanding the customer’s needs, not pushing product. IDJ staff is very effective at gently querying the customer and then finding just the right offering.

One of the most important jobs of a great jeweler is taking the words the customer is trying to say to describe their dream diamond jewelry and transforming those words into the exact piece they are looking for. We believe this is I.D. Jewelry’s top strength. This ability, through a combination of client interview skills and product knowledge, leads to a lifetime customer and numerous referrals. Their prices are very competitive too!

As far as the diamonds themselves?

I.D. Jewelry has access to thousands of GIA graded diamonds. This allows them to offer special rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with the safety of a GIA lab rating on their products.

The biggest benefit to using I.D. Jewelry is the staff’s obvious desire to serve their customers. If you are planning a trip to Jewelers Row we suggest stopping in at I.D. Jewelry. Ask for Yekutiel and let him know that Jewelers.NYC sent you!

Contact Information:

I.D. Jewelry

15 West 47th Street Suite #305

New York, NY 10036