Marrying a Woman Half Your Age

A lot has changed since back in the day, and marrying a younger woman has become far more common than at anytime in the past. There are challenges of course and if you’ve decided to transform dating a younger woman to marrying one, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of “life happily ever after.”

First understand the lay of the land

What brought you two together? The chances are relatively high that it was security and comfort, rather than raw sex appeal. There are certain clues that give this one away. First, ask yourself, what was her economic status growing up? Was her family well off? Was she poor, or was she somewhere in between? If she grew up without much, it might be worth considering a prenup – just in case.

Were her parents a May-December couple? Psychologists often say that we grow up to be just like our parents. If she is a child of an older man, younger woman marriage, she probably feels very comfortable with your age difference. If not, marrying a woman half your age should be thought through very carefully

Next, understand what you are and what you’re not

Let’s start with what you’re not – you’re not 21 anymore. This means that you don’t rock up in an American Muscle car – you’ll look ridiculous; however, a sports sedan is appropriate at any age (think BMW 5 of 7 series).

Along those same lines, don’t even think about dressing like a 21 year old. The second most ridiculous sight (behind the muscle car) is seeing a man in his 50’s or 60s wearing the jeans that hang way down below the hip. You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones where the pant legs connect at about the lower thigh? The ones where the American Apparel underwear is actually higher than the waste line of the pants!

BTW, it is perfectly acceptable to dress young, (Men wearing an Under Armor shirt and nice pair of tailored jeans look great at any age), just don’t try to catch the latest “statement” fashion trend.

Finally, get (or stay) in shape

It’s absolutely fine to workout and look good. In fact, you should get a personal trainer if you can afford one. Personal trainers make the most of your time together, but more importantly they force you to get in shape.

Getting in shape has many benefits, chief among these is that your life together could very well be extended by a decade or two. More importantly, your sex life is far better, you feel better, your psychology about dating a younger woman is better, and you have more energy to enjoy each other.

However, out of all the advice that can be giving about marrying a younger woman, the most important one is to relax, take your time and make sure that the relationship is one that will stand the test of time. Done right, there is absolutely no reason why this could not be the best thing that ever happened to both of you.