Why Women Love Pink Diamond Engagement Rings [2016 update]

Why Pink Diamond Engagement Rings?

Pink diamond engagement rings are one of the most sought after, because of the mystery around the diamond itself. All other colored diamonds (called fancy diamonds) can be traced to chemical impurities imbedded in the stone that absorb light, such as nitrogen, (yellow diamonds), or boron (blue diamonds) as examples. Indeed it should be relatively simple, in this day and age, using something called a “mass spectrometer” to find out what makes a pink diamond pink. No such luck…

This leads to speculation by scientists that the color is not caused by chemicals at all, but rather by a different development process during the hundreds of millions of years it took the diamond to form 100 miles below the Earth’s surface.

“Its rather romantic,” says Beatrice Wydell, owner of One Twenty One Diamonds, near the diamond district in NYC. “If you offer her one of the rarest stones on the planet, then her heart will drop.”

“Less than 1% of diamonds are colored and less than 1% of those are pink, so she will truly get a one of a kind diamond.” Beatrice concluded.

So what’s the price tag for a pink diamond?

Better hold on to your checkbook because rarity costs money. At least twice as much as far as we can tell. If you go over to online diamond titan James Allen, (the winner of our 2016 Online Diamonds Store Review) they offer a good selection of pink diamonds at price that is about as good as you’re going to find.

What does a pink diamond symbolize?

It seems like everything involving love, or romance has a hidden meaning. Pink diamond engagement rings are no different. The diamond symbolizes creativity, love and romance. For reference, yellow diamonds symbolize happiness, joy and friendship and orange diamonds symbolize energy and enthusiasm.

We’ll stick with creativity, love and romance for an engagement ring…

Where do pink diamonds come from?

There is only one mine in the world that produces them in significant quantity, and that is the Argyle Mine in Australia. This mine, owned by Rio Tinto, has a rich vein of pink diamonds, but this still only represents 0.1% of that mine’s total output. Further, the Argyle Mine is responsible for a staggering 90% of the world’s pink diamonds.

Where to acquire the rare gem for your rare love? Not surprisingly, most people don’t want to pay twice as much for a pink diamond, so finding them is not the problem. It’s paying for them! Still, if you’re looking for an absolute expression of your love, pink diamond engagement rings can’t be beat, so try James Allen!