The Best Vintage Engagement Ring Stores in NYC’s Diamond District

The hottest selling engagement ring style today is a vintage engagement ring. It’s no wonder, it seems like every star from Scarlett Johanssen to Lady Gaga has gone retro.

Why do people like vintage engagement rings?

The answer to this one is simple. The world has stepped back from the over-blinged, hard edge “how do you like me now” wedding band in favor of a softer more classic look from long ago. A time when the offering was about the sophisticated beauty of a ring that is as classic as the woman herself. In essence a vintage diamond engagement ring is the difference between a trophy wife, on display for everyone to ogle, and a forever partner who will share your most precious moments, quietly, privately and thoroughly as you grow old together in the decades ahead.

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Vintage Engagement Rings vs. Antique Engagement Rings

What’s the difference between a vintage and an antique engagement ring? Age. Vintage engagement rings are built today, using current ring technology. Prongs are stronger, the ring is designed to take a beating and still look good. Back in the day the rings were not scientifically constructed. Yes they held the diamond pretty well but these old antique engagement rings were definitely more susceptible to dings and even diamond loss! Still…

Some people don’t just want the antique engagement ring “experience,” they want a “real” antique engagement ring. It’s as much about symbolism as it is the ring itself. If this is you, we know where you should go, just bear with us a little longer as we delve into your options to make your design choice easier (hint choice #1 below).

Most Popular Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

There are five popular styles:

  • Vintage Antique Engagement Rings – These are new construction rings designed as an exact replicate of the original from back in the day. These are usually modeled after a design from a famous jeweler from yesteryear.
  • Edwardian Vintage Engagement Rings – These are rings from the Edwardian Period (1901 – 1910) and get their name from King Edward VII of Britain.
  • Vintage Art Deco Engagement Rings – These are Gatsby- esque designed rings reminiscent of the roaring 20s. Take a look at Daisy Buchanan’s ring for a wonderful example.
  • Aquamarine Vintage Engagement Rings – These are rings that use aquamarine stones to enhance the beauty of the diamond. These are often combined with the Art Deco design to create a really spectacular piece.
  • Unique Vintage Engagement Rings – These rings don’t belong to a particular era, but are undoubtedly vintage in their one of a kind classic design.

Which of the above is most popular? According to the number of searches on our site, #1 is “Vintage Art Deco Engagement Rings,” buy a factor of 2 to 1 over #2, “Unique Vintage Engagement Rings.” Why? It’s our view that this is because the Rich and Famous have gone Art Deco. Scarlett Johanssen for example has a wonderful four carat ring that highlights her classic beauty. #3 goes to “Aquamarine Vintage Engagement Rings.” This style receives ten times fewer searches than #1 and five times fewer than #2. In other words most people either want a vintage art deco ring or want to have one completely custom designed. As an FYI, Edwardian Vintage Engagement Rings were 1/30th as popular as Art Deco.

Most Popular Vintage Engagement Ring Metals

Next is the metal itself. Here is what people searched for:

#1       Vintage Rose-Gold Engagement Rings are by far the most popular – six times more popular than #2;

#2       Vintage Yellow Gold Engagement Rings are five times more popular than #3; and

#3       Platinum Vintage Engagement Rings

Bottom line. If you want to go with what most women seem to want, it’s a Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring made with rose gold and accented with aquamarine stones around the diamond. This sounds absolutely wonderful!

Now that we’ve nailed “the what,” next is “ the where.” Where can you find your dream ring in the New York Diamond District? Fortunately we’ve done the hard work for you with our Diamond District NYC Top 10 Stores Review. We simply analyzed our “Top 10 Jewelers’ ” product offerings, looked for the three that had the greatest selection of vintage/antique engagement rings, and we were done. So without further ado, please find:

The Best Vintage Engagement Ring Stores in NYC’s Diamond District

Leigh Jay Nacht Inc.

49 W 45th St #902,

New York, NY 10036



#2 I.D. Jewelry

15 West 47th Street

Suite #305

New York, NY 10036



#3 MDC Diamonds NYC

580 Fifth Avenue – Suite 349

New York, NY 10036


This should give you a great start. Thanks for reading our review. Good luck shopping for your own unique vintage engagement ring in the NYC Diamond District. Please make sure you do your own due diligence: ask for referrals, confirm Better Business Ratings and cross check pricing at A+ rated online diamond titan James Allen.


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Over 50 Different Styles to Choose From