This Week’s Best Diamond Values

1/2 carat, 1 carat and 2 carat Best Diamond Values Shown

There are some amazing values on superior diamonds from our recommended A+ rated, diamond dealers – Blue Nile and James Allen. The best part is that both well-respected online dealers will take the beautiful diamonds shown below and build a magnificent engagement ring, pendant, anniversary ring, or dozens of other special pieces for you.


Finding a great diamond online is not difficult if you know the right formula. We recommend that you choose only the best diamond cut (1. excellent cut, 2. excellent polish, 3. excellent symmetry, with either faint or no florescence). Because “cut” is created by man, not nature, getting the best is not much more expensive than choosing a lesser cut; however, it makes all the difference for a diamond’s beauty. An excellent cut diamond maximizes sparkle, scintillation and fire. All diamonds below are graded “Excellent Cut” in all three cut categories by the Gemological Institute of America.

Next adjust the other C’s to optimize for the size, color and clarity that is most affordable

Largest for the Money (Beautiful) – Best Value

These beautiful diamonds fall into the “faint” color grade (K, L, M) which looks closer to colorless when set on a yellow gold band. They are also “eye clean”- I1 clarity. This means specs (inclusions) are not visible to the naked eye – only when magnified. By giving a little on color and clarity, you can acquire a larger stone that people will find amazing.

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Best Overall Features (Exquisite) – Best Overall

Some people want a diamond that is more than beautiful to the eye, they want a diamond to look good up close and personal – under magnification. They want minimal inclusions and want the color to look good on white gold or platinum. They want a diamond that is “near colorless” (G,H,I, J) and VS1 or VS2 in clarity.

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Best Diamond for the Money (Near Perfection) – Most Rare

Finally, some people want a diamond that is pure poetry – more than beautiful, more than exquisite. They want a diamond whose color falls in the colorless grade (D,E,F) and whose clarity is VVS1 or VVS2 grade. These are our recommendations for diamonds that are close to perfection.

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Whichever way you go, beautiful, exquisite or near perfection, we think you’ll find these stones represents some of the best diamond values available this week. Good luck on your diamond purchase and thanks for looking at this week’s top recommendations.