Diamond Envy-Jeweler Review | NYC Diamond District “Top 10”

Diamond Envy

Recently we caught up with Christina Lee, one of two general managers of Diamond Envy to talk about their store, their offering and their top position in our NYC Diamond District Best Stores – Top 10 article.

Diamond Envy was an easy choice for our “Top 10” Diamond District Jewelers list for a number of reasons. First, their offering is unique in the NYC Diamond District. They specialize in fancy colored diamonds. This is diamond speak for yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. Second, they have an incredible following on Facebook – 46 thousand and growing. That stat was interesting, but we also know that getting that many likes is possible through smart ad placement as much as anything else. Still the number was impressive.

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We were absolutely thrilled by their generous 60-day money back guarantee and their lifetime buyback program. What was most important to us was their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our records show there are 1365 jewelry businesses on Jewelers Row’s 47th Street and only 35 possess a BBB rating of A+. This is one in 39. While the absence of a rating is neither good nor bad (some jewelers don’t feel it’s necessary) the existence of one, particularly an A+ rating, says that the store is beholden to a very high level of customer service.

That is also what we found at Diamond Envy.

Jonathan Winter: “You have a rather unique offering for Jewelers Row – specializing in fancy colored diamonds…”

Christina Lee: “One of the things that sets us apart is our passion for color. At Diamond Envy, clients will find an amazing selection of some of nature’s most magical creations: natural color diamonds with hues such as pinks, blues, greens, and reds”

Jonathan: “Do you also offer colorless diamonds?”

Christina: “Of course. A lot of our jewelry combines colorless and colored stones. This is a powerful combination on just about any jewelry piece – the contrast is amazing. A black and colorless diamond combination, for example, is a terrific combination for a black tie night out. We even offer the “88 Cut Diamond.” Unlike the usual fancy shapes, the 88 Cut does not make any sacrifices in apparent size. “The 88 Cut Diamond is similar to a round brilliant diamond but has 88 facets instead of 57 – talk about sparkle!”

Jonathan: “Interesting, tell us about your typical client”

Christina: “Our customers are truly individual and unique – just like a fancy colored diamond, no two clients are exactly alike. Someone shopping for fancy colored diamonds has very specific tastes and our offering caters to those special needs.”

Jonathan: You have a great return policy. Tell us about your 60-day policy and your lifetime buyback program.

Christina: Sure. We feel the 60-day money-back return policy is one of the best in the industry. Some stores offer to buy back the diamond on a case by case basis. Others offer 30 days. Very few offer 60 days. The lifetime buyback program says we’ll buy back the diamond at 70% of the original purchase price if it’s in the same condition we sold it to the customer. We’ll need the diamond’s certificate and original paper work, of course.

Jonathan: “Do clients return their diamonds?”

Christina: “Not often, but they like the peace of mind to know they can.”

After Christina, I went to the Diamond Envy site and looked around. Admittedly it was a lot of fun! Diamond Envy lists many of their fancy colored diamonds online and they provide a diamond selector tool where you can play with intensity of color, carat weight, shape, etc.  What we like most is that the very first thing a user sees – in the upper left had corner – is the GIA logo. Diamond Envy proudly displays the fact that they sell GIA graded stones. This is very important to us.

Bottom Line

The next time you make a trip to the New York Diamond District, we recommend that you stop by Diamond Envy and talk to Christina Lee or Emily Duke. Their passion for color is contagious and you might find that incredible and unique piece you’ve been searching for.


Diamond Envy

590 Fifth Avenue,
15th Floor,
New York, NY 10036


+1 (646) 653-8988


Disclosure: Jewelers.NYC received no compensation from Diamond Envy.