Dreamstone-Jeweler Review | NYC Diamond District “Top 10”

I caught up with Guy David from Dreamstone to chat about his family’s business, their customers and most importantly to congratulate Guy and his brother Eli on achieving a coveted “Top 10” spot in our Diamond District NYC Best Stores 2017 Review. There are 1365 jewelers on Jewelers Row and to make it to the Top 10 is something very special – one out of 136 jewelers made the cut…


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To be fair it wasn’t hard for us to choose Dreamstone. They have all the characteristics of a world class diamond business. First their reputation with Jewelers.NYC was pristine. This was the first and most important screen. No matter what came next if we heard anything negative – they were off the list. Next, they have a rock solid 5-star rating on YELP. Importantly their number of respondents suggests that the rating isn’t “managed.” This was very important to us because anyone can get a ton of great YELP reviews if they are willing to give away a $100 gold chain after every favorable YELP review – some stores actually do this. They also have over 10,000 Facebook likes. Their Facebook page has some amazing diamond images as well so this does not surprise us either (Guy if you have any we can use on our site let us know 🙂 ). Most importantly for us was Dreamstone’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Dreamstone’s BBB rating has something quite rare – no negative reviews, not one.

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Phew. Now that we got the analytics out of the way let’s talk about Dreamstone. Let’s go to the discussion with Guy.

Jonathan Winter: Tell us what makes Dreamstone special here on Jewelers Row’s 47th Street.

Guy David: First let me say that there are many stores here on 47th Street and each has their positives and negatives. What makes Dreamstone special is that every order is 100 percent custom made. While just about any jeweler can put a diamond on a premade setting, we strive to design a piece that speaks to the wearer. We are very good at asking the right questions, so that the end piece is amazing.

Jonathan: Tell us about your diamonds

Guy: We carry our own inventory. It’s not uncommon in the NYC Diamond District for jewelers to source diamonds from one another. This is fine, however we want to make sure we know the pedigree of the stone. We are lucky to be one of the few jewelers that is able to purchase diamonds directly from its origins. Our diamonds are all conflict free. All are GIA graded and each is handpicked by us for our customers. We are known for having some of the best cut diamonds with the most desired qualities.

Jonathan: How long has the David family been in the diamond business?

Guy: Three generations. Eli and I are running the business today, but my grandfather Joseph David started our family business over 100 years ago. At some point Eli and I made the decision to leave corporate America and join the family business. We both went to live in Johannesburg, South Africa for several years with our father who ran the diamond factory out there. We learned the diamond trade from the ground up. When we felt ready, we opened DreamStone in 1998 and it has been at the same location in Jewelers Row for over a decade.

Jonathan: How does customer education factor in with your clients?

Guy: Like many successful jewelers in the NYC Diamond District, we have thousands of satisfied clients. And as you pointed out we don’t really see complaints, because we spend the time necessary to understand and educate our customers. This is our obsession. We could operate a mass production, mass sales business but jewelers who operate like that don’t get a lot of repeat business. We’d rather spend our time understanding our client’s specific needs and design a piece that is uniquely special for what they need. When any jeweler does that he has a client for life.

Jonathan: Tell us about your team.

Guy: At our factory in Long Island City most are gemologists and expert jewelry makers. At our showroom in New York City we have a group of certified and trained staff including Ethan, Stephanie and Kayla who learned to do business the way the David family does business – putting the customer first.

Jonathan: And your return policy?

Guy: We will be happy to refund, exchange or replace any unworn item within 30 days from the date of purchase. We credit the customer’s account within 2 business days.

Jonathan: Do customers return their jewelry?

Guy: It’s rare but it happens. Most of the time it’s unrelated to the jewelry…

After I finished up with Guy, I went to the Dreamstone website. On their site we were able to view their diamond inventory, read the related diamond certificates and even build a diamond engagement ring. Extreme price transparency – we love it!

Jewelers.NYC suggests that you stop by Dreamstone on your next shopping trip to the New York Diamond District. Ask for Guy or Eli and tell them that Jewelers.NYC sent you.



15 West 47th Street, Suite 1000

New York, NY 10036





Disclosure: Jewelers.NYC received no compensation from Dreamstone.