Diamond District NYC Engagement Rings (Best Stores)

If you’re headed to the New York Diamond District, the chances are very good that you are shopping for an engagement ring. First, understand that there are hundreds of street level merchants that will gladly sell you a diamond. Many are hard-working, even generational in nature and quite honest; however, some are not. Knowing the difference is quite important…

Diamond District NYC Engagement Rings

As a general observation, Diamond District NYC engagement rings come in two varieties: those you buy “upstairs” and those you buy at street level. Upstairs, in the offices high above 47th Street, Jewelers Row, you will find “appointment only” diamond jewelers who source special inventory, through their connections in exotic locations throughout the world. Downstairs, at street level, you will find quantity, but not always quality, particularly if you just randomly walk up to a booth in one of Jewelers Row’s famous diamond bizarres that the street is known for.  In other words, do some research before you go. We discuss what you should know before you go below.

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At street level there is another important factor to consider. You probably won’t save a lot of money on your engagement ring. The big discounts that 47th Street is known for occur in the private chambers of the street’s diamond legends, and those prices are often reserved for big ticket diamond purchases. 3+ carat pieces.

Looking for a Round Diamond Online?

Jewelers.NYC suggests Blue Nile

Top Rated Online Diamond Store, 2017

Looking for a Round Diamond in Jewelers Row?

Jewelers.NYC suggests Dreamstone.

Top Rated NYC Diamond District Store, 2017

So what if you are looking for a “measly” 1 to 2 carat diamond engagement ring? First, don’t worry, there are discount merchants that will help. Visit our NYC Diamond District Top 10 Stores article to learn who we recommend. Most of these 10 work “upstairs” and will definitely work with you to find the diamond of your dreams (tell them Jewelers.NYC sent you – they know who we are).

Also, read our article on the Diamond District NYC Walking Tour to learn how to travail this street. Not only will you know where to go (and where not to go!), but it will also take in a the rich history of this amazing block. You will learn a bit about the lore of 47th Street, some of the internal squabbling that has been going on for years and most importantly you will how the diamonds enter the New York Diamond District from places like the New York Diamond Dealer’s Club, the International Gem Tower and the well-known Diamond Exchange.

Before you go to Jewelers Row, however we highly recommend that you do two things. First, learn about the 4C’s of diamonds – use our links at the bottom of the page. The four articles (one for each C: color, cut, clarity and carat weight) listed below will give you a good working knowledge of the language used by the diamond trade in the New York Diamond District. Each takes no more than a few minutes to read, a few are interactive (i.e. kind of fun) and most importantly they are written in plain English, which means there is a very good chance you will actually understand what you are reading!

Finally, we highly (highly!) recommend knowing what a good price actually is before shopping for Diamond District NYC engagement rings, by visiting either James Allen or Blue Nile (our Top two winners of the Jewelers.NYC online diamond discount store of the year). We have made it easy for you by giving you links to a variety of diamond carat weights below in the most popular color, cut and clarity on the James Allen site. Once there you can play around with the diamond pricer to determine the 4C combo that is best for you.

Know The Wholesale Diamond Price Before You Go. Visit:

JAMES ALLEN – Jewelers.NYC’s Online Discount Diamond Store of the Year – 2017 (~40% off)
Most Popular: Round>GIA>Ideal Cut>VS2 Clarity> G ColorOne Click

1/2 Carat | 3/4 Carat 1 Carat | 1-1/2 Carat | 2 Carat | 2-1/2 Carat | 3 Carat

Also, make sure (and this is VERY important) that you buy only GIA graded diamonds, either online or in the New York Diamond District. The fact is there are a lot of good grading labs, but GIA is the most respected and consistent of them all (in our humble opinion), and one or two labs sound official, but are just a rip off – giving the jeweler cover-fire to sell you an over graded stone at an inflated price. Not GIA, they actually invented the 4Cs back in the 1930s! Also, we are confident that GIA grades about half of the stones you will be looking at, so a good GIA graded stone won’t be hard to find.

Finally, have fun. Shopping for an engagement ring in the New York Diamond District is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life (or lives :)).

Diamond District NYC engagement rings come from the epicenter of the world diamond trade, so buying your gem there means you are a part of the history of this vibrant and secretive “insider only” industry, and that IS cool!

Go get ‘em!