The NYC Diamond District in 2018…

Hello Everyone,

First, let me just say Happy New Year! I hope yours’ was an excellent 2017 and that you have a wonderful 2018! Over the winter break, my wife, 13 and 20 year old daughters and I went to Israel. It was terrific to see the other Diamond District in Ramat Gan outside Tel Aviv (technically it is called the Diamond Exchange District, but it is similar to Jewelers Row in many ways). We also went up North to Hula Lake, spent time at the Dead Sea, climbed Masada and spent several days in Jerusalem where my daughter became a Bat mitzvah. All and all very cool.

While I was away I gave a lot of thought to Jewelers.NYC and its mission: to help put diamond buyers and well-regarded diamond sellers together in a way that takes the confusion (and the unsavoriness) out of the process. Last year Jewelers.NYC made over 10,000 referrals, which in turn yielded many happy customers. We could not do this if our objective was to make tons of money from the NYC Jewelers, because we could not be objective and the buyers would not trust us. So we never charge jewelers for referrals and we never charge customers for guidance. We make a modest amount of money through ad placement (i.e. Google) and Directory subscriptions for Jewelers that want to get listed with us.  These jewelers must comply with basic requirements that help keep the customers safe-each directory listing has a three point customer rating system which measures: trust, price and quality – pretty simple really, but very powerful…

In 2018 we hope to double the number of referrals and provide even more clarity to the NYC Diamond District. For those who are interested in some of the most interesting happenings on 47th Street Jewelers Row, such as special inventory, new designs and diamond price movements, simply add your name to the subscription pop-up below on the right. We’ll send out a note about twice a month – one page quick and effective.

For the rest, click the “Search Our Directory” link on the top left of every web-page to find your perfect jeweler. You can narrow your search in so many ways, reducing hours of work into minutes. Most importantly, come back often! We are constantly publishing new information about the jewelers in this wonderful little corner of the diamond industry.


All the Best


Jonathan Winter

Owner, Jewelers.NYC