Radiant Cut Diamonds (Price, Meaning, History)

There are only two square/rectangle shaped diamonds that have a brilliant cut facet pattern on both the crown and the pavilion: the princess and the radiant cut. We have discussed the princess cut diamond elsewhere, and this article will discuss what you need to know about the radiant cut.

Radiant Cut Diamond

The radiant cut diamond became popular in the 1980s and formed a nice bridge between a cushion and a princess cut. Unlike a princess cut, the radiant cut has a cropped corner giving it more of an emerald-cut like shape. The brillianting of the crown and pavilion gives it the sparkle of a traditional round brilliant cut and the shape allows the cutter to use more of the rough which means the buyer gets more diamond for the money, particularly when compared to traditional round shapes such as the brilliant, single cut and old European cut.

Buyers of radiant cut diamonds want a stone that has scintillation, fire and flash but also want the uniqueness of a diamond that is less “popular.”

Radiant Cut Diamond Facets

While a Round Brilliant Cut has 57 facets (or 58 if there is a cutlet), the radiant cut has 70. The radiant diamond cut is considered to be one of the most brilliant diamond shapes in the world, with flashes of light from many different directions.


In 1977, Henry Grossbard wanted a diamond that combined the best of the brilliant cut and emerald cut diamond into one stone. His creation became an instant hit and is worn on the ring finger of famous celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, and Megan Fox, just to name a few. In fact, this diamond seems to have one of the highest “hit rates” among celebs all around the world.  


How to Wear a Radiant Cut Diamond

In an engagement ring, first and foremost. Radiant Cut Diamonds elongate the finger and look amazing on an engagement ring because of the diamond’s incredible flash. Additionally, because of their rectangular shape, they don’t look particularly good on stud earrings because they make the lobe look big; however, they look great on drop (just below the lobe) or dangle (way below the lobe) earrings.

Where to Find Radiant Cut Diamonds

We recommend Blue Nile. They have one of the largest selections of radiant cut diamonds on the web and most importantly they have GIA graded stones. GIA is the leader in diamond grading and they are also considered one of the most consistent diamond grading labs in the world.

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