The 3 Best Places to Get an Old European Cut Diamond (Loose)

Old European Cut Diamond from the Side

Perhaps you have an antique engagement ring setting from your grandmother (or other descendant) and you are looking for an old European cut diamond loose to restore it to the way it was back in the day. Perhaps you are a diamond afficiando and you want the perfect stone before you move forward on the setting. Whatever the reason, finding a loose Old European Cut diamond is about as easy as finding a needle in a hay stack. Don’t get me wrong it can be done, but you can’t go on to an online discount diamond store and choose from 100 different stones in your price range. This is because diamond cutters stopped making these amazing jewels almost 100 years ago. So finding one through conventional channels is quite difficult.

Add to this the safety factor, finding one that is certified is hard because diamond labs did not exist back in the day. This means that if you find a certified stone, the certification was added much later.

Don’t despair, at Jewelers.NYC we have done the hard work for you. If you really want a loose Old European Cut diamond, certified by a great lab like GIA (and at a reasonable price), we have found three different locations on the web for you.

Old European Cut Diamonds Loose and GIA Certified – eBay

Quite possible the easiest way to locate the Old European Cut Diamond of your dreams is on eBay. eBay is a perfect match for you because you can’t really get new Old European Cut Diamonds and sellers on eBay are typically selling things they already own and no longer have a need for. We have even done the search work for you – all you need to do is click the carat weight that you are looking for below and it will take it to the eBay search results.

eBay GIA Certified Old European Cut Diamonds, Loose – One Click

0.50 carats | 0.75 carats | 1.0 carat | 1.5 carats | 2.0 carats |2.5 carats | 3.0 carats

The next place you can look for loose Old European Cut Diamonds are specialty diamond stores. These will be more expensive because these sellers are professionals and they know how rare these diamonds are; however, there are a few that stand out. We recommend Leigh Jay Nacht if you are looking for a well-respected NYC Store.

The final place to find loose old European cut diamonds is ETSY. This is a newer entrant in the game, but they have many sellers who are ready, willing, and able to sell you the stone that you seek.

Buying Loose Old European Cut Diamonds, Must Dos…

First, you MUST acquire only certified diamonds. Not doing so is a recipe for disaster. We recommend a GIA diamond certification. GIA is the most consistent and respected diamond lab in the world (this is our and many others’ opinion). Our eBay results are for GIA certified diamonds (make sure you confirm this once you see the listing).

Second, price compare. Old European Cut Diamonds are rare, however when you use channels such as eBay and ETSY, even rarity is relative. If there are only 10 sellers of a loose one carat Old European Cut diamond across the world, there are still 10 sellers competing for your hard earned cash. It’s easy and un-intrusive to price compare on these electronic channels.

Third, understand the return policy. If you acquire an Old European Cut diamond and, when it arrives, it does not absolutely delight, then you should send it back – immediately. Knowing what the return policy is, is crucial.

There you have it. Not so hard after all! Good luck in the acquisition of this magnificent gem. Rare and special, an old European cut diamond, loose or in a wonderful antique/replica setting will make the love of your life feel so special.