The Number of Facets on a Single Cut Diamond…

The round brilliant diamond is an amazing stone. These 58 faceted jewels have gone through 6 different processes to get the diamond from “in the rough” to the final shape that you see atop engagement rings all over the world. But what if these craftsmen stopped at the 5th process? That is exactly what happens on a Single Cut Diamond.

The processes that take the stone from a rough diamond to the final result as are as follows:

Marking – This is the stage where the planner decides how the diamond should be cut and marks it to indicate where the stone should be cleaved and/or sawed.

Cleaving – This is the stage where the planner pre-shape’s the stone by cleaving it into pieces suitable for sawing.

Sawing – This is the stage where the diamond shape is further refined. A saw can cut through a one carat diamond in about 4 to 8 hours.

Girdling – this is the step where a diamond is mounted on a lathe and shaped into the basic outline that you see on round cut diamonds.

Single Cut Diamond Facets

Faceting – First Cut – This is the answer to the question that you were asking... A round brilliant diamond is faceted twice. The first or (single) cut creates 8 facets on the diamond. If the cutter stops here, then the 18-faceted diamond is a single cut diamond. Our logo is an 18 faceted, single cut diamond.

Most of the time a second cut is applied…

Faceting – Second Cut – Upon the second cut, the diamond becomes the 58 facet round brilliant cut diamond that you see on most engagement rings.

So the answer to your question is a single cut diamond facets number is eighteen. Now you not only know what, but you also know why!